Nate Diaz is One Step to Walk Mayweather Out to The Ring

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor mega fights were full of troll and insult trades. The hottest one is that, Nate Diaz will walk Floyd Mayweather Jr. to the ring for the Money Fight on T-Mobile Arena this August 26th. It’s absolutely interesting as Nate Diaz has been a bitter rival of Conor Mcgregor.

Nate Diaz, Mayweather

It’s correct that Diaz doesn’t seem to team up with Mayweather in the term of official team. However, Mayweather and the promoters contact Diaz on a purpose. Previously, Mayweather vs McGregor had been in promotional tours through 4 cities. During the tour, Mayweather repeated emphasizing the McGregor’ UFC 196 loss to Diaz. As the London conference was held, Mayweather was trying to make Diaz attended the conferences so he can troll McGregor in front of TV channels.

McGregor is the 50th Mayweather’s professional opponent. This fight also celebrates the half century of Mayweather’s victory. It’s said that Mayweather himself who wanted to get Nate Diaz on the phone. Somehow, this troll-strategy is applied to boost his “Unbeaten” title, as Diaz is the symbol of McGregor’s loss although he was defeated on rematch UFC 202. Indeed, Mayweather has never been defeated as he scored 49-0.

Money Team member Jason Lee were going to make a real call to troll McGregor over in Mega fight by taking Nate Diaz on Mayweather walkout. It’s noted then, that Diaz has not ruled out from walking Mayweather out. However, Diaz himself doesn’t have any confirmation yet, he just said “I don’t know man, that’s what I am hearing too”. This step will make crowd of this Billion dollar fight, as it will be watched by hundred thousand to million throughout the world.

Along with that, Mayweather seem to be more relaxed as he indeed takes this fights seriously. Showtime has released Mayweather footages showing he boasted his money on Las Vegas. Since that, Mayweather are going nowhere, he choose to do some training just in Las Vegas. There is no further information that he will leave Las Vegas for any soon.

The recent development says that hundred to thousand of mega fight’s tickets are still available until this day. Mayweather will earn approximately US$ 300 million just for himself and more for his teams and promoters. It’s not said that it’s the last fight of Mayweather. However, he predicted that knocking out McGregor will be part of his half century of Victory celebration. Mayweather is reported checking into Rehab Beach, Las Vegas these days. Stay with us for more news about Mayweather Fight