The “Money” Mayweather Prepares for His Half Century of Victory

It only takes about 2 weeks remaining to The Money Fight. It seems that Mayweather looks more relaxing as counting down the bout on this 26th in T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas. He’s recently seen in REHAB Beach Club in Vegas, it’s confirmed that Mayweather has going nowhere but Las Vegas since last week Showtime launched All Access episode 2. He looked enjoying his time during the preparation, and was reported to be able to take some time playing basketballs.


Malignaggi’s sparring session with McGregor has appeared as controversy and gives us basic information that McGregor has no chance to win the fight upon Mayweather. Previously, many fans predicted the Mayweather’s victory but have no idea about the progress of McGregor. The last camp sparring answered that.

Any positive predictions come over everywhere, but Mayweather takes this fight seriously. Mayweather is in full training and preparations for the mega fight. He also vowed to knock McGregor out as celebrating his half century Victory. The footages recorded show an in depth and serious training conducted by Mayweather. This fight will become the first billion dollar boxing match.

Mayweather-McGregor’s mega fight has been promoted through four different places of press conferences. It’s started from Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and the last is in London. This fight has a gimmick “the money fight” as this show is considered to be the first billion dollar boxing event. It will break records both in ticketing box and home box office. During those tours, Mayweather and McGregor have traded insults and threats.

Even though this mega fight is anticipated throughout the world, it’s reported that thousands of tickets are still available For T-mobile Arena’ mega fight. The cheapest ticket offered at US$ 500 are sold out, however, mid level ticket cost US$3,500 and ringside seats cost US$10,000 -15,000 are still available in hundreds to thousands. This is recorded as the highest prices in the boxing history itself.

Mayweather had an influencing role in setting up the price rates despite some objections from many ticket vendors. Of course not Mayweather himself, fight against McGregor is a reasonable choice to push the income of Mayweather promotions and managerial as farewell event. This step will bring the fight to the hundred millions of dollar revenue as it’s predicted US$ 600 million will be considered as total revenue tallying tickets sale with PPV purchases, sponsorship, international television rights, closed-circuit/theater showings and food/beverage/merchandise sales, excluding the Casino.