Floyd Mayweather Stated that the Upcoming Bout is Contributed to Blacks Around the World

Indeed, he stated it loudly in the mass media. Floyd Mayweather says that the next bout with Conor McGregor is “for all the blacks around the world“. You probably still remember what McGregor said in the last conference that he used the word “monkey” to mock black people. Floyd Mayweather was not impressed at all with McGregor attitude and behavior. During the press tour for the fight, he stated that he would fight for a cause now.

Floyd Mayweather

So what we can conclude for Mayweather’s reaction recently, this fight is not about money anymore. It is about prestige and respect. The match between the best defender on earth Floyd Mayweather and the UFC lightweight star Conor McGregor has really risen up the hypes amongst the fans and the common fans of the sports. The four different location press tour has enhanced the interests of this “money fight”.

Las Vegas will stop for a day just for this event. Many said that it is the most mismatched event ever. And who cares. Both fans are expecting the mega fight in this century. It is also said to be the most grossing sporting event in this century, breaking the previous record of Mayweather vs Pacquiao bout.

The two fighters have been trading insults rigorously, and these will be concluded later on August 26. It is 2 weeks away until the moment of truth happens. McGregor has been allegedly crossed the line so many times. One of the accusations is that his racism behavior which he described as the insults and cool jokes.

And it all begun with McGregor addressing Mayweather as “boy”. And he did not end right there. He asked the respective boxer to dance in Los Angeles. It has been escalated in New York. Although, McGregor claimed that the joke was about him being half-black, and he admitted later that it was not properly delivered. Another disrespect attitude of McGregor was spotted in Jimmy Kimmel show about him saying “dancing monkeys in the gym”, when asked an opinion about the movie Rocky 3. He also did not back off with his monkey’s joke. When they met up in the final press conference in London, he still referred Mayweather as a monkey. Mayweather stated that McGregor has crossed the line. That’s why, he wants the next bout for a cause, for all blacks around the world.