Floyd Mayweather Fight Time, TV, Live Stream and Preview

If you are a big fan of Floyd Mayweather, you have come to the right page. Here you will find the ample information about upcoming Floyd Mayweather Fight and related information so that you won’t miss a single thing about your superstar.

Floyd Mayweather Fight

Mayweather vs McGregor Fight

Date: Saturday, August 26th, 2017
Time: 9 p.m. ET (Main card)
Location: T-Mobile Arena, Nevada, United States

For those who had heard about the mega-fight announcement months ago, you surely had been fed with such hyped news and speculations. But now, it is official. The “money-fight” or what people call as the fight of the century will truly happen. What once to be a mere dream has now become reality.

Conor McGregor, the ace in the UFC who migrates to the boxing world will be Floyd’s opponent in the boxing match held on August 26. The date is around the corner. Now if you are truly a boxing fan, you will learn how to catch up with the fight so that you won’t miss it.

Floyd Mayweather has been involved in the war of the words with the Irish fighter. We still remember that the last 4 press conferences happening in different countries in the past had been gaining such attention because both fighters had traded offensive words. Now, the fight will be concluded in the ring instead.

Floyd Mayweather, as we know, has been pronounced retired 2 years ago. But he made the decision to come out of retirement to fight against the Irish fighter, Conor McGregor.

Many said that it is the most mismatch Floyd Mayweather Fight. Well, on paper, Mayweather is Godly winning. He holds 49-0 record. He is the best defender on earth. And he hung his gloves up in September 2015. Who knows that he comes out of his sanctuary to take on a rookie who makes his debut?

Mayweather owns a boxing license from Nevada State Athletic Commission. And this will be the first professional boxing match for McGregor. Floyd Mayweather must be smiling when expecting his opponent. The UFC ace Conor McGregor conducts the migration to boxing to fight the prominent boxer on earth.

The long awaited epic fight between 2 aces in their category will happen on Saturday, August 26. This will definitely stop Vegas from doing their things just to watch this spectacle. For the Mayweather Fight Time, The viewers from around the world can expect to wake up around 4 am in the early hours of Sunday Morning.

Those who subscribe Sky Sports will be able to view the fight via their Box Office channel for 19 euros. If you are not planning to attend the venue or purchasing any ticket, you could watch the bout right from your favorite place. The bout will be broadcasted via PPV option in Showtime live from Las Vegas on August 26. This will cost you 89 bucks to watch in Standard Definition, while 99 bucks will provide you high definition experience.

Apparently, this option is the most feasible one. Mayweather fans will opt PPV option to watch Mayweather Fight Live Stream their hero to lay his punch to an Irish man.

For some folks who are lucky out there, they can watch the fight right at the venue. The promoters have confirmed that the Floyd Mayweather Fight will happen at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. It has over 20,000 people capacity and confirmed will be full. The first batch tickets themselves have been sold out the day they were released. FYI, the venue will also host the upcoming fight between Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez in September 2017.

This fight is very interesting, really. Depending on where you look at it, Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor is either the boxing fight of the millennium or the crossover money fight about. There are a lot of speculations and different opinions about this match. Some say that this match did not even have to happen. But one thing for sure, it is official and it is fast approaching. This later month, the semi-retired the best boxer all the time Mayweather will take on the biggest UFC star, McGregor in Las Vegas. Doesn’t it thrill you even a bit?

After all of the rumors and speculations accumulated in months after the initiation of this fight, folks are getting closer to the conclusion. Much happening in the last 4 press conferences, the both rivalries has been escalated. Ahead of the big day, all will be concluded in the ring.

The tension of the fight between two fighters had actually been raised since the meeting at the SSE Arena in Wembley, after trading words, the Irish fighter said “”Four years ago I fought in London at The Forum in front of about 500 people. Now here I am about to quadruple my net worth with one-half a fight. Sign me up. No one is going to kick, knee or elbow. And it’s against this little b****.” Out of the respect of the Mayweather’s opponent, McGregor was also accused of being racist after his statement “I’m half-black”. But with the current statuses in Mayweather’s social media account, the fans of “Money” won’t be intrigued anymore by the Irish man\’s provocation.

Since we mentioned about the crossover fight, what will happen in the ring? Or the proper question, what are the rules of the fight?

The fight will be conducted under the boxing rules. Since the news had been released to the media, folks have been speculating about how this would affect Mcgregor. Well, many considered this is the top mismatch boxing Floyd Mayweather Fight in the history. After all, who did allow a rookie who never lay a punch in his boxing career must face against the unbeatable boxer in the weight class? It presents impossible missions for MMA McGregor fighter. He only has few months until the moment of truth happens. The other challenge is that he needs to take practice and there is no way to catch up with decades of training that is conducted by Mayweather. Also, McGregor won’t be allowed to use his specialty kicks or takedowns which are not available in boxing.

What are the odds? You may ask. Well, obviously, Mayweather opens as the top favorite. Mayweather Fight will be big betting for sure.